Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I have recently viewed a few videos with people expressing their views on these random colored dots being found on mailboxes.Some say that it is a marker for the military and police to distinguish which families would be a problem and which would not.I have posted a video below that I found on YouTube that explains the meanings of the different dots.However,I have also read on a few blogs that these dots were put there by newspaper personnel. Now,I've also read that there are markers on mailboxes of families that don't receive any newspapers.So I am not sure what to believe.I do believe there is something going on with the Govt that they are keeping from the American people. hopefully I am incorrect.But I guess we will not know until it actually happens.I am a firm believer in the "New World Order" also known as the "NWO" and I'm not talking about wrestling. I am referring to the idea that there is some secret society that are working with the Govt to take over the world.Those that don't follow will be crucified and those that don't know of such plans will be spared and ruled by this supposed one ruler. This is real!I hope people are really taking this seriously because with all the evidence pointing towards this to be true,It cannot all be a coincidence in my opinion.But everyone is entitled to their own opinion.However,with the new martial law that has been passed,I cannot understand how people cannot see what's going on right in front of their faces.Or maybe they just rather pretend they don't.Well,that's what's on my mind at the moment.Thanks for reading.All comments are welcome :)


  1. exactly what everyone else is thinking, didnt solve or answer questions and wasted my time reading what my thoughts were already thinking.


  3. What does the white dot mean? I have one on my mailbox. Oops, sorry, just bird droppings. Seriously, if there were any truth to this, the easiest way to counter would be to cover your box in polka dots. It might start a new mime like tin foil hats, but you would have peace of mind knowing you stuck it to the man.